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What are Box Gutters and How Do They Work?

Whether you’re installing a new guttering system for your new home or replacing an old one, going for box gutters is one of the best ways to go.

But what are box gutters, really? How are they better than the regular ones and how do they work? If this is your first time hearing about box gutters, let us help you out.

In this piece, we’re going to help you understand everything there is to know about box gutters. And to help you figure out whether you should get this kind fo guttering system or not.

Let’s start with an easy one.

What are box gutters?

As the name suggests, box gutters are the type of gutter system that is boxy in shape. However, it’s not the main reason why they’re called box gutters.

These gutters, when installed, are “boxed” into your roof, on all sides. Meaning, the gutters are normally placed in between two higher roofs or more that feed the rainwater into it.

Because of this ingenious placement, these box gutters are also often called concealed gutters as they are not easily visible from the outside of your house.

Box gutters vs eaves gutters

The type of gutters that you normally see in Australian homes are called eaves gutters or, sometimes, fascia gutters,

These types of gutters are often attached to the fascia boards that run along the perimeter of the roof.

And unlike box gutters, eaves gutters are highly visible from the outside of your home, so you have a better chance of noticing if it needs repairing or not.

The downside is, eaves gutters can look pretty ugly over time, especially if not maintained regularly, and it’s always the first thing that you’ll see as soon as you step onto the property.

Despite that, fascia gutters are still the most commonly used type of gutter system here in Australia.

However, box gutters have seen a rise in popularity in recent years as more homeowners tend to opt for trendier homes that look a lot cleaner and aesthetically pleasing from the outside.

So, how do box gutters really work?

The rainwater disposal in box gutter systems is not totally different from the regular ones.

Box gutters channel the rainwater from the adjacent roofs then drain it into a downpipe that’s also built into it. The only difference is that rainwater may come from different sides, depending on how many roofs are attached to it.

Overflows are also installed along the box gutters to keep the water away from the roof, preventing rust and leakage on the walls beneath the roof, in case of intense and heavy rain.

If not properly outlined or installed, your box gutters may not look as seamless as they are supposed to, hurting the overall aesthetic of your roof. Also, it may cause leaks and potentially, roof and ceiling damage.

That’s why it’s paramount that you hire professional roofers and gutter specialists, like us, to install any kind of gutters to avoid gutter problems and headaches in the future.

What are the best materials for box gutters?

The most common material for box gutters is stainless or galvanized steel. It’s relatively cheap and durable enough to withstand outdoor elements.

However, the problem with steel gutters is that you have to repaint them every 10 years or so. It’s important the paint quality is well-maintained as it can help to prevent rust from developing.

And as we’ve touched earlier, repairing or replacing box gutters can be pretty troublesome since you have to detach the adjacent roof sheets as well. Which screams a lot of effort and money if we’re honest.

To prevent this from happening, it might be wiser to go for materials like aluminium, vinyl, or copper that don’t rust.

While some of these materials will cost you more money initially than steel gutters, going for these types of box gutters will prolong the time between repairs or replacement as these don’t rust at all.

Not to mention, the paint in these materials last longer as well!

Should you get box gutters for your roof?

Now, with all the things mentioned here, you might be pretty convinced that you should install box gutters in your house first thing in the morning.

But hold your horses right there. Before deciding that box gutters are perfect for your home, below are some of the benefits and disadvantages of this gutter system.


  1. It’s seamless and concealed, providing a cleaner aesthetic for your home. This is perfect when you want a minimalist look for your house.
  2. Box gutters are normally bigger in terms of size so they could handle a large amount of rainwater, especially during rainstorms. Box gutters are at least 75mm deep and 200-3000mm in terms of width.
  3. Box gutters have a relatively long lifespan. This is partially thanks to its placement. Since these gutters are installed within the roofing structure itself, they are more resistant to strong winds, compared to eaves gutters that are relatively more exposed to bad weather which can easily strip the gutter off.


  1. Having box gutters on your roof can be very costly for some homeowners. We’re not just talking about the materials needed but box gutter installation itself as well. And that’s mainly because of the complexity of its placement. Since box gutters must be trapped between roofing structures, it might take longer to install box gutters than the regular ones. Not to mention, repairing and replacing box gutters can be troublesome as well. And that brings us to the next disadvantage.
  2. Box gutter repairs and replacement can be a lot of work as well. Not to mention, costly. Often, you have to remove the adjacent roof sheets just to remove and replace the damaged box gutters.
  3. In case of box gutter overflow, all the adjacent roofs can rust and get damaged as well.

Choosing box gutters for your guttering system certainly has its ups and downs. But despite the disadvantages of having box gutters, we could honestly say that it’s still a great choice. Especially if you value the aesthetics of your home.

Just make sure that you choose the right materials and have them properly installed by experts to ensure a long lifespan.

Hire gutter installation experts in Sydney

Once you’ve decided whether to install box gutters on your roof or not, the next thing to do is to hire the best guttering professionals in town.

Good thing, you don’t have to look any further. Because Gutterline is the right team for the job!

We offer all kinds of services involving gutters, from installation to maintenancerepair, and replacement!

If you’re planning any of these any time soon, make sure to contact us for a quotation. Check the areas in Sydney that we service here.

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