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Gutter Restorations Sydney

Over time, gutters can become stained and discolored due to continual exposure to the elements. This leads to your gutters becoming unsightly, appearing dull in colour, or oxidized. High pressure washing can sometimes help, but often this won’t be enough to restore the gutters and downpipes to their original appearance.

At Gutterline, we can restore your existing gutter system, so it appears nearly-new and fresh once again. We do so using specialised chemicals to break the bonds of dirt and oxidation of the paint. This cleaning process will instantly lighten and brighten your gutters, restoring them to prime condition.

How the gutter restoration process works

Gutter cleaning has two sides to it. The most well-known service offering involves cleaning out debris from the inside of gutters. However, apart from ‘gutter flushing’, Gutterline offers clients a ‘gutter brightening’ service, which restores gutters’ appearance to their prime appearance. Again this is done using a specialized cleaning process in conjunction with specific products.

What causes gutters to discolour?

Over time dark streaks can form on your gutters, which is referred to as ‘tiger striping’.  This can be caused by runoff and pollutants, which become bonded to the aluminum. Failing to perform regular maintenance to the guttering will result in fading or a total loss of colour – resulting in the gutters appearing dark in nature.

Mildew can also form, which can usually be removed with a soft wash process. Because gutters collect decaying leaves and small twigs, they become natural breeding grounds for mould and mildew. If debris is left in the channels, this can lead to water running over the gutter’s edge which causes further unsightly stains and discolouration. Mildew and mould can begin to take hold and turn the gutter dull and dark.

Gutterline’s gutter restoration service removes dark streaks and stains from gutters. Our safe products and methods will remove the stains effectively yet gently, leaving a glossy finish, without any risk of the paint surface being damaged or removed.

Why use a professional gutter restoration service?

As with the condition and appearance of your roof, your gutters are one of the first things a visitor sees when they enter your property. If you are considering selling your home, Gutterline recommends you consider having your gutters professionally restored. It instantly improves the curb appeal of a property and is an important factor to consider to help you achieve the quickest sale and best price possible.

Gutterline’s reliable and experienced tradesmen will restore your gutters quickly and safely, without damaging the roof or property structure. All products we use are safe and will not affect the surface’s paint or integrity. We also take the greatest care to ensure that any garden beds, or plants below the gutters are protected from any chemicals or potential physical damage.

Keep safe and call on Gutterline to see to all your gutter cleaning repairs, maintenance and replacements. We have the specialised equipment and experience to get the job done quickly – and safely.

Get in touch today for a free quote

Gutterline offers every customer a full written, obligation free quote. You will receive a breakdown of the products we intend to use and supply an estimate of the time it will take to restore your gutters, downpipes or fascia.

We have 20 years of practical experience restoring gutters and offers guarantees on workmanship and materials. Our experienced professional tradesmen are fully licensed and insured.

Get in touch with Gutterline to discuss how our gutter restoration services can return your gutter system’s appearance to a near new finish.

Clogged gutters lead to gutter staining, so ask our friendly team about how you can invest in a gutter protection system to enjoy clean gutters for life. We’re happy to help you clean the outside of your gutters and keep them looking brand-new thanks to our quality gutter protection systems.

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