Gutter Maintenance Sydney

Gutterline has been providing gutter repairs, replacements and installation services to the residents of Sydney for over 20 years. Our tradesmen have earned a reputation for their high quality workmanship, which also includes repairs and replacements of guttering systems, fascias and barges.

Even with a high-quality gutter solution, the key to making them last 20-plus years is regular maintenance. This includes cleaning, clearing debris and regular inspections, especially during spring and autumn. However, more frequent maintenance may be necessary, especially for homeowners living in windy climates or areas with a lot of trees.

Regular maintenance will ensure your gutters work efficiently

When gutters aren’t cleaned and maintained properly, debris that collects will eventually block the channels and lead to water flowing over the top of them and onto the walls. This can lead to costly water damage, including damage to internal walls, property footings and lower level flooding.

Gutterline’s professional and qualified team has the knowledge and equipment to maintain your gutters without damaging the roof or other structures. At the same time, we can inspect your gutters for rust, leaks, and other issues that may need to be repaired.

Early detection of any problems like this, is an essential part of the gutter maintenance process before costly repairs are needed.

Professional gutter maintenance and cleaning

Here at Gutterlines, we have the equipment, training and knowledge to tackle any issues before they become problematic including drain snakes to clear downpipes and drainage systems.

We also use specialised cleaning techniques to ensure your gutters work as they should. For instance, over time, mould and grime can accumulate on the inner lining of your gutters. Using specialised chemicals and equipment, we can clean the gutters which will prevent water pooling and pests, such as mosquitoes, from breeding in your gutters.

Regular maintenance will ensure the lifespan of your gutters are prolonged.

Holes, splits and gutter separation

As part of Gutterline’s maintenance protocol, we can inspect for holes in your home’s downpipes or gutters. This includes sealing pinholes, patching problem areas with metal flashing, or replacing them completely.

Ensuring your gutters are fastened correctly

As part of regular gutter maintenance, Gutterlines will also make sure your gutters are attached firmly and aren’t sagging or separating from the fascia boards. If the hangers designed to prevent separation are damaged or missing, we can replace them. As part of this process, we will also check the gutters pitch to ensure correct drainage, in order to maximise efficiency.

Gutter maintenance checklist

To recap, these are the most important things that should be checked twice a year. If you pick up on any of them, call Gutterline for a maintenance visit and so we can assess if you need any repairs:

  • Look for sagging spots, rusty areas, holes in guttering, missing or weak supports, loose screws and nails, and damage on drainage pipes.
  • Look around gutters and drainage pipes on the ground for signs of erosion, which will show that the gutters aren’t moving water away from the home effectively.
  • After a storm, check gutters for leaves or debris and arrange for them to be cleared if necessary.

Gutter warranties

As a homeowner having a gutter system that works efficiently is a good enough reason to keep up to date in terms of maintenance. It will also prolong the lifespan of the gutters and even prevent the need for large-scale repairs. Another important consideration is the warranty.

If you experience an issue and you cannot provide proof of ‘reasonable and necessary maintenance’ such as regular cleaning of debris from the roof and inside of gutters, you may find yourself in a situation where the warranty is nullified.

Guterline recommends regular guttering maintenance 

For gutter installations, repairs, joint sealing, and gutter cleaning get in touch with Gutterline. With regular gutter maintenance, you will have peace of mind that our gutter system won’t become damaged or deteriorate prematurely, and you won’t be faced with roof or house damage.

We also offer barge board and fascia maintenance and repairs and are experienced at all types of timber roof gables, barge boards and metal flashing work. 

Our team are all qualified, licensed, and experienced tradesmen that offer outstanding customer service – every time.