Gutter Repairs Sydney

If you’re concerned that your gutters need attention, contact us at Gutterline to see how we can help, or call us to arrange a free, no-obligation quote. We have a team of experts that can assist with gutter and downpipe repairs to ensure that your property stays safe – and your gutters continue to operate efficiently.

Ensuring well maintained gutters can prevent costly repairs

Poor drainage, or inefficiency of your gutters can lead to costly repairs. If you feel your gutters aren’t working as well as they should, or you’ve noticed an issue that might need attention, Gutterlines can inspect and identify any repairs that might be required.

Signs that your gutters need attention might include:

  1. Loose or missing gutters. Strong winds, rain, or a build-up of debris, can cause gutters to sag or become detached from the house. Gutterlines will inspect, repair and secure the system, as well as replace any missing components to prevent damage to the roof and siding of your home.
  2. Over time exposure to the elements can cause gutters to crack, which then leads to leaks. Gutters can also spring leaks at the seams as they age. Gutterlines will repair any leaks with a quality silicone sealant, while holes and cracks may require sections of the gutters to be replaced.
  3. Damaged or dented downpipes. When a downpipe becomes loose or damaged, it may begin to direct water toward the home’s foundation rather than away from it. Gutterlines will repair damaged downpipes before they create water damage to the properties structure.

Gutterlines have been offering our specialist gutter and downpipe repair services in Sydney for over 20 years. With our experienced and qualified tradesmen, we can swiftly identify the cause of gutter and downpipe damage, assess the needed repairs and carry out the necessary work at an affordable rate.  

Gutter bracket repairs and replacements

Gutter brackets are components that help bear the weight of the gutter load. They come in different forms: as fascia brackets which attach the gutter into the fascia board, or as the spikes and ferrule system in which a spike is driven directly into the gutter. Gutter brackets can loosen over time and often need to be reattached. Gutterlines can perform an inspection of the entire system and tighten or replace any compromised gutter brackets. Metallic gutter brackets can also rust over time, so be sure to  keep an eye out for signs of corrosion and wear.

Why your fascia should be repaired

The fascia boards and barge boards around your roof are an essential part of the structure of your roof. 

If you have cracked or chipped, fascia boards this should be addressed as soon as possible. The trim on your roof protects interior walls from water damage and offers support for the gutter system. When a fascia board is compromised, it can also lead to moisture buildup, creating an environment in which mould grows.

It can also create access to your roof for pests, and lead to staining, damage to soffits, and timber rot. One of the first signs that you might need fascia repair work is discolouration, which can be a sign that it is waterlogged. Paint protects the fascia from moisture, so it should be repaired to prevent water damage when it becomes chipped or starts to flake.

At Gutterline, our specialist gutter services include fascia and barge board repairs and replacements. Our experienced and skilled team will inspect your guttering and fascia and report on areas of concern that may need repairs.

Give us a call for a free quote today

Gutterline offers every customer a full written quote, in which we detail the products we intend to use and supply an estimate of the time the job will take to complete.

Our company delivers unmatched quality, workmanship, and attention to detail. If you are looking for a quality gutter and fascia repairs for your home, call Gutterline today. We’ll organise a time to do a free measure and quote of your property.

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