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5 Common Gutter Problems and How To Fix Them

When was the last time you even thought about your gutters?

It was probably a while ago.

And that’s pretty normal. Most people don’t even realise their gutters are there. Well, that is until something goes wrong.

So, it’s also pretty normal that the gutters of many homes are neglected. But when we don’t care for and maintain our gutters, it can end up in costly repairs and even full gutter replacements.

Many major gutter issues are caused by minor problems that have been left to fester, and in a lot of instances, these major issues can be avoided.

Today, we want to tell you about some of the common gutter problems that can occur and how they are fixed – so you know what to look out for when it comes to your home’s gutters!

The most common gutter problems

1.     Blocked Gutters and Downpipes

Clogged gutters are easily the most common problem affecting your gutters. Gutters can become clogged when debris, such as leaves, twigs, and dirt are left to build up and accumulate in the gutters.

These blockages can cause water to overflow, which can cause damage to the internal and external walls of the home. Water can also accumulate around the debris and encourage moss, lichen and algae to build up. Over time, this can cause erosion of the gutters.

Another issue caused by blocked gutters is the additional weight of the debris that is blogging the gutters can put additional pressure on the gutters and make them heavier, which can cause them to sag and droop under this weight.

What’s the solution?

It’s important to maintain your gutters by cleaning them at least once a year, though depending on where you live, you might want to consider having them cleaned at least twice a year.

One of the best ways to do this is by working with a gutter specialist who can help you with a regular gutter maintenance schedule.

2.     Sagging or Loose Gutters

Gutters can sag or become loose for a wide variety of reasons. Heavily clogged gutters are one of the major causes, but other causes include extreme weather and storms, and the deterioration of hardware and materials. Loose gutters can separate from the house structure and can actually be quite dangerous.

What’s the solution?

The fix for sagging and loose gutters will depend on the cause. If they are dropping because they are being weighed down from debris and blockages, then they will need to be cleaned and secured back to the house’s structure.

If the sag or loose gutters is caused by deterioration of parts of the gutter the fix might involve replacing the fasteners and supporting materials. If the deterioration is significant, you might need to replace segments of the gutters.

3.     Leaking Gutters

If you notice a constant drip, or watermarks on your external walls, there is a chance that you might have a leak. These leaks can be cause by holes, cracked, rusted gutters, and even gutter joints splitting and separating.

It’s not uncommon for leaks to occur, especially after 10+ years, your gutters are exposed 24/7 to all sorts of weather conditions, from harsh UV rays to wildly vicious storms.

What’s the solution?

Call Gutterline to identify the cause of the leak and assess the extent of the issue. The fix for this one might be simple, especially if your gutters are in good condition, but getting it fixed quickly is crucial to ensure your gutters will last a lot longer and the leak won’t turn into a bigger issue.

If the leak is caused by a large amount of damage or your gutters are old and not in the best nick, then you might need to replace your entire guttering system.

4.     Improperly installed downpipes

The downpipes are your guttering systems sidekick, without them, your gutters won’t drain properly and efficiently. However, sometimes they are not installed properly, or there are not enough of them in the first place.

If there are not enough downpipes, you might find that your gutters are overflowing because they can’t drain quickly enough.

If your downpipes haven’t been installed properly, one of the most common issues is that they don’t disperse the water far enough away from the home’s foundation. If the water isn’t carried far enough away from the house, it can cause water to pool around the foundation, which can lead to damage to this part of the home.

What’s the solution?

Luckily, downpipe issues are usually remedied pretty easily. The solution might involve installing more downpipes to take the pressure off the existing downpipe.

If the water isn’t being taken far enough away from the home’s foundation your downpipe might just need an extension or possibly be replaced with more appropriate downpipes!

5.     Missing Gutters

Missing gutters can cause some major damage to the house. Some guttering systems might not be adequate and just never had enough pieces in the first place, and sometimes the guttering system might be missing segments that have become damaged and fallen off, or were never there in the first place.

Whatever the reason behind the missing gutters, this is something that needs to be fixed asap!

Missing gutters can be extremely dangerous, water that would normally be carried around could fall down onto people that are at your home. The water is also likely to pool around the foundation of the home as it is unable to drain properly.

What’s the solution?

The fix for this one is easy but may be a little costly. If you’re guttering system was not adequate in the first place, then segments may need to be installed or perhaps an entire new gutter system needs to be installed.

If your gutters are missing segments from damage or deterioration, if the remainder of the gutter system is in good condition, then you might only need to have the missing portion replaced, however, if the segment is missing due to deterioration, then chances are, you might need have your entire guttering system replaced with a newly installed gutter system.

How you can prevent gutter issues from happening

The best thing you can do to keep your gutters in great condition is to hire a professional roofing and gutter specialist. They can help you maintain, clean and repair your gutters and help stop major issues developing from minor ones.

A guttering specialist also have the skills and know-how to perform maintence on your gutters safely and thoroughly. Working on gutters can be dangerous and requires a lot skill to ensure things are done properly.

If you’re looking for help with your home’s gutters in Sydney – whether you’ve noticed a leak, you’re building a new house and need to get gutters installed or you just need a little help with gutter maintenance give us a call at Gutterline.

We offer a free, no obligation quote service where we can inspect your home’s gutters and provide you with a written quote outlining the materials we plan to use, a cost estimate and a timeframe of how long the job will take.

Talk to Gutterline about your gutter needs in Sydney.

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