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Essential Tips to Help You Maintain Your Gutters

We’ve said it many times, and we’ll keep saying it – when it comes to your gutters, maintenance is the key to making them last a long time.

Your gutters are easily one of the most overlooked parts of your home. When they are working well, you don’t even know that they are there. It’s usually only when there is a big problem or damage to them that you even think about them.

While we understand why people forget about their gutters, we cannot stress enough just how important it is to not neglect your gutters – you need to maintain them.

But what do we mean by gutter maintenance? Well, let us tell you.

What exactly is gutter maintenance?

Gutter maintenance involves a few key tasks that should be done somewhat regularly – probably more regularly than you are doing them.

Gutter maintenance includes, but is not limited to the following tasks:

Gutter cleaning

What this involves:

Removing any debris that may be present in your gutters and downpipes – like twigs, leaves, dirt, moss.

How often it should be done:

Gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year. It is somewhat dependent on where you live, but towards autumn and spring seasons are great times. Autumn sees a lot of leaves fall, and spring sees a lot of growth in plants which can cause debris. Depending on where you live, your home’s gutters might need to be cleaned more frequently.

Gutter inspections

What this involves:

Checking for any damage or signs of damage to your gutters. Some common damage that may be present includes holes, rust, leaks, cracks, blockages, and sagging.

How often should this be done:

Your gutters should be thoroughly inspected at least twice a year, which can coincide with when your gutters are being cleaned.

It’s also a good idea for the gutters to be inspected after unusually heavy weather or occasionally when it’s raining, it can make it easier to see if there is something wrong.

Gutter repairs

What this involves:

Repairing gutters may involve many different things, whether it’s replacing gutter parts or fixtures, patching small holes, resealing to add extra protection or fix leaks and splits.

How often it should be done:

Whenever they are required – the most important thing when it comes to repairing your gutters is that you act fast – small issues can very easily become big ones.

Secure Gutters

What this involves:

Tightening or replacing the fasteners in your guttering system. This can help to prevent major damage.

How often it should be done:

This should be done anytime you might notice that there may be an issue, but it’s a good idea to coincide this maintenance with your inspections. That way everything can be checked together.

So, now you know about what the maintenance of your gutters might involve, let’s get on with the tips to maintain your gutters.

Use these tips to keep on top of your gutter maintenance

1.      Be vigilant and keep an eye out

Ok, so we know it’s easy to overlook them – but trust us, you won’t regret paying a little more attention to them.

When your gutters have issues, by the time it is noticeable, the damage is probably more than what it would have been if your gutters were regularly maintained.

So, from now on, just try to keep an eye out – on your way home from work, perhaps scan your eyes along the roof and gutter line, see if you notice anything sticking out from your gutters, or any debris. After it rains, is there water pooling around any areas of your home, or water marks down the interior or exterior walls? Are there more animals hanging out around near your roof than usual?

Gutter issues can come in all shapes and sizes, so keep an eye out for any changes or anything unusual when it comes to your guttering system.

2.      Don’t forget about your roof and your downpipes

Your gutters, roof and downpipes are the best of friends. When one is not working properly, it can severely impact others. Maintaining your gutters also means maintaining your roof and your downpipes.

If your roof has damage or debris, it can impact your gutters by causing water to divert or be misdirected to concentrated areas of your guttering system which can lead to extra pressure on your gutters. This can lead your gutters to overflow, sag and even become loose. If your roof isn’t looked after, it can also impact your gutters as the materials will likely deteriorate more rapidly, which can then make your gutters lose or start to deteriorate.

When it comes to your downpipes, they can become blocked and not be able to drain properly if your roof and gutters aren’t cleaned properly. They might also be damaged by trees falling or works around your property, which might prevent water from being able to flow from your house efficiently. You also might not have enough downpipes installed in the first place. This can place unnecessary pressure on your guttering system as well.

3.      Get guards installed

You can help to reduce the likelihood of blockages and blockage-related damage by getting guards installed on your gutters. These can help prevent leaves and twigs from resting in your gutters and can also help to prevent pests from getting into your gutters as well.

The lack of debris and nesting materials will reduce the build-up of water and moist areas that pests just love spending time in.

4.      Be safe – don’t DIY

Look, we all love being a bit of a weekend warrior, but when it comes to some areas of your home, your roof and gutters are just one of those areas where you should really leave it to the professionals.

You’re working at great heights, which isn’t easy at the best of times. You’re also likely to not have that much experience at cleaning and repairing gutters, or even knowing what exactly you’re looking for.

While you can use all the safety equipment in the world, the truly safest option for maintaining your gutters is to get a professional to help you.

5.      Invest in your gutters

You should see your gutters as an investment – and one that you want to look after. Routine and regular maintenance of your gutters, including inspections, cleaning and repairs is the best way you can invest in your guttering system.

Work with a professional who can help you manage a maintenance schedule, one who can work with you and your needs, offers personalised service, and knows the area and what they are doing. An experienced and local guttering specialist will be familiar with the nuances of your area and understand your requirements.

Here at Gutterline, we’re one of these professional guttering companies in Sydney. We offer our gutter installationrepairs and, of course, maintenance servicesall over Sydney. Call us today on 02 8677 3373 to organise a free, no-obligation quote for your guttering needs.

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