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Guttering Repairs & Replacement Glenhaven

Have you been ignoring signs that your gutters need to be fixed or replaced?  If you have spotted rust, streaking, leaks or overflow your current water management system should be inspected.  Gutterline can help by inspecting your property and providing you with a free no-obligation quote.

From new gutter systems and installations, to repairs and replacements, Gutterline offers the high levels of customer service and quality workmanship you need when working on your biggest investment – your home. Gutters and downpipes play an important role in managing the removal of water from your roof, and maintaining the integrity of the structure.

Gutterline has been a trusted installer of these systems in Glenhaven for over 20 years. Our clients choose our services thanks to our excellent reputation and the fact that we offer bespoke solutions for each property.

Custom box gutters and colour matching just some of the services we provide to ensure your house looks stylish and stays sound. We only use top quality products (we recommend Ace Durakote® steel products) and supply and fit aluminium profiled guttering if requested by our clients.


Why Choose Gutterline?

The gutter system on your roof is designed to manage the diversion of water when it rains and protect your roof, walls and landscaping from damage. For Gutterline aesthetics are as important as efficiency. Here’s how we ensure the work we do for our clients offers them the best results and experience.

  1. We use quality materials for every gutter system we design to ensure longevity and give you confidence that your water drainage and management system will cope with any rainfall in Glenhaven.
  2. Our excellent technicians are qualified tradesmen. You can count on their experience and knowledge with the necessary accreditation, and insurance to give you peace of mind.
  3. We are a family-owned business which is how we ensure that our customer service is top. Friendly, reliable and trustworthy – that’s what Gutterline is about.
  4. We customise when needed (ask about our colour-matched gutter and downpipes and custom box gutters)
  5. From installations on new builds to repairs and gutter maintenance, Gutterline has been around for 20 years and will be around for many more.


Our Guttering Services in Glenhaven


The process of restoring gutters removes streaking and marks to return them to a like-new bright look.


Leaks, cracks and damage to gutters are repaired when the overall condition of the system is good enough to keep.

Replacement of Parts

When a leak or crack cannot be repaired we will quote on replacing the affected part.

Fascias and Boards

Repair and replacement to the highest quality.


We will analyse the current water management and install more suitable gutters, gutter protection and downpipes if necessary.

Gutter Maintenance

When your gutters begin to warp, shift or bow, this is a clear sign that there is overflow or blockages when it rains. Ensuring the gutters remain open and drain water effectively away from your walls and roof will extend the life of your gutter system and prevent damage to walls, and the roof. Contact Gutterline to discuss our gutter maintenance services where we can check for loose or missing gutters, signs of leaking and rust and provide you with a solution before damage occurs to your property.


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 We’re inviting the residents of Glenhaven to get in touch with Gutterline to discuss how we can assist with your maintenance and guttering needs.

If you are planning on putting your house on the market soon, we can assist you but getting the best price possible. It’s well known that a modern, quality gutter system will give your home new curb appeal that will make a good impression on potential buyers.

Chat to us about how Gutterline can make aa difference in your life and for your property.

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